The Story!
An ecstatic groom, a charming bride, a three-tier chocolate cake — every bit of Ryan and Megha’s wedding was a perfectly dreamy. Catch their interview with our team member, Chirag, where they talk about their journey from never planning for marriage to their own wedding.

Chirag: So, are you ready for the wedding?
Ryan: Super excited!
Chirag: Not nervous?
Ryan: A bit. (pauses) But not when she’s around. (smiles)
Chirag: Let’s go some years back. When you guys first met. How long has it been?
Ryan: It has been four, four really short years. Time’s just flown by.
Megha: (smiles) Yeah, that’s true.
Ryan: You could multiply it with ten (Megha laughs) and it’d still be short.
Chirag: What was the first meeting like?
Ryan: The first time we met, we went for a drink. We had a good time. And there’s no stopping us since then! (smiles)
Chirag: How did you communicate for the first time?
Ryan: We met at a place. We chatted for a bit. Then we were online. Then we met alone, with each other.
Megha: Yeah, because the first time we met was at like a party.
Ryan: And then, we started meeting alone. And (laughs) one thing led to the other. I fell in love with her. And within a week, I suppose, and well… that’s when I knew she’s the one.
Chirag: So you planned to get married since then? Like, four years ago?
Ryan: No.. (laughs)
Megha: No, we were like ‘yeah, he’s nice’ and he was like ‘yeah, she’s cool’ but, we weren’t thinking of married life like that. After about three years, no, two years..
Ryan: We wanted to do things together. We wanted to roam the world together, eat together.
Megha: Yeah
Ryan: This is one step that we can take to do the same. (smiles)
Chirag: How do you think marriage will change things between the both of you?
Ryan: Hmm… I think it’ll be the same
Megha: Or maybe not (smiles)
Chirag: Why not?
Megha: (laughs) I’m just kidding
(both laugh)

Chirag: Who’s the bossier one between the two of you?
Ryan: Haw, that’s an easy one.
Megha: No, it’s actually not. It’s not easy, because I’m not bossy.
Ryan: And neither am I. (laughs)
Megha: Yeah. We’re not bossy at all with each other. I understand that sometimes he doesn’t agree, so I let go.
Ryan: Yeah and I understand sometimes that she doesn’t agree, so I’m ready to go. (laughs)
Chirag (to Megha): So, was it your dream kind of a thing to have a Christian wedding?
(both laugh)
Megha: No no, Ryan’s a Christian guy so by default..
Chirag: I thought, after meeting him -
Megha: Oh yes, after meeting him, like after two years down the line when we decided to get married, I wasn’t really thinking of, you know, a white bride or something, but it was cool, I was like..
Ryan: (completing her sentence) ..this is going to be different..
Megha: Yeah, I knew it’ll be different from what I’ve been seeing in my family and that was good. That was something I had been looking forward to.
Ryan: (pips in) And I always wanted to wear a tuxedo!
(both laugh)
Megha: Right, and I don’t like — I don’t mean to offend anyone — three hours of sitting around. I mean, we’ll be at the church for what, forty-five minutes and we’re done! (claps) And we don’t want to smile at everyone for so long.
Ryan: And it the afternoon, food and drinks.
Megha: Yeah! And the cake!
(both smile)
Chirag: You’ve been staying together in the same city?
Ryan: Yeah, in Delhi.
Chirag: Okay. So, you never had to experience a long-distance relationship?
Ryan: We do. Every six months of a year we’ve experienced long-distance. I am on the shift for six months, and then we both stay on WhatsApp calls, Facebook Messenger..
Megha: Yeah
Ryan: It gets difficult, But we’re the same afterwards, no matter how long I am away.
Megha: Yeah, the first time he went on the ship, I thought it was going to be difficult. But it turned out to be really really easy and then.. Then we knew it.
Chirag: It must’ve changed with years. Like, four years ago there was nothing like WhatsApp calls and such.
Megha: Yeah, right, back then — four years go, we used to Viber each other.
(both laugh)
Ryan: Our lives started with apps. That what we’ve been telling people.
Megha: Yeah, we added each other on Facebook after we first met. So Facebook was a very important part…
Ryan: Thank Mark Zuckerberg!
Megha: (laughs out loud) Yeah, we do! Because it reminds — “Four Years Ago You Added Her”
Chirag: So, why Kolkata?
Ryan: My dad’s side is here in Calcutta. A few of them. But it’s better to be away from Delhi. This is a much better place. It’s more beautiful. Less pollution. Weather’s always the same (both smile), apart from the monsoon, of course.
Chirag: And something particular about a winter wedding?
Ryan: No, nothing like that..
Megha: We just got all our holidays together.
Ryan: Yeah. Everybody was able to come.
Chirag: And did you have any difficulty convincing your parents?
Ryan: No, that’s the best part. Both our parents agreed instantly (both laugh) when we thought of taking this decision.
Chirag: So, when did you tell about your decision to marry?
Ryan: It wasn’t abrupt, slowly things were talked about
Megha: But mostly last year, 2017 September, August, we’d started talking about it.
Ryan: And then we made the decision, and well, here we are (both smile)

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